As Seen on TV - The illustrious Customizer™!

Are you tired of using the overly simplistic color gun? Getting a sore back from having to paint in every single foundation or wall piece? Wish there were more cosmetic options for your buildables?

Now you too can be the talk of the town with your very own upgraded build gun with the included customizer™!

Don't believe me? Just check out these User Reviews that have given the Customizer™ an average of 4.9 out of 5 possible!


List Price: $500.00
Price: ONLY $29.99 + tax
You Save: $470,01 (a lot of %)

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"Before I had the Customizer I had to color in every single foundation or wall piece. It was very tedious. Now that I have the customizer™ it's so much easier! I can't imagine going back."
- Daniel Smartson

"I've never used anything like it! It's truly one of the most unique ways of setting materials on buildables in anything ever made. Wow!!!!!!!!!!"
- Carla Reelpeeple

"If you made me choose between $500,000,000 and the Customizer™ - I would pick the Customizer™. It's a sound investment. You got to understand scale. In 6 months you have 250 Customizers™. Use those 250 and in 6 months you have 6,250 Customizers™. 6 months you have 156k Customizers™. 6 mo you have 3.9MM Customizers™. Sell them for $1 each."
- Dr. Patrik

"I miss the color gun."
- xx_darkangle69_xx